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Climate scientist hits out at IPCC projections

As a new chairman is appointed to the Intergovernmental Panel on climate Change (IPCC) a University of Manchester climate expert has said headline projections from the organisation about future warming are 'wildly over optimistic.'

date8 hours ago in Environment
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Closer view of the brain

For Harvard neurobiologist Jeff Lichtman, the question hasn't been whether scientists will ever understand the brain, but how closely they'll have to look before they do.

date7 hours ago in Neuroscience
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Dead comets and near-earth encounters

Near Earth Objects (NEOs) are asteroids or comets whose orbits sometimes bring them close to the Earth, thereby posing a potentially threat. The asteroid that struck Chelyabinsk last year was an NEO about 40 meters in diameter. ...

date8 hours ago in Space Exploration
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Electric vehicles reduce costs and protect the environment

Under which conditions are electric vehicles less expensive than diesel vehicles? What are the positive environmental effects? And what about their acceptance by users and reliability in practice? The RheinMobil project coordinated ...

Scientists track speed of powerful internal waves

For the first time researchers directly measured the speed of a wave located 80 meters below the ocean's surface from a single satellite image. The new technique developed by researchers from the University of Miami (UM) ...

Workplace mentors benefit female employees more than men

The success of online networking sites such as LinkedIn illustrates the popularity of building a wide-ranging contact list. Yet when it comes to raising one's profile within the workplace, female employees stand much to gain ...

Cleaning water one stroke at a time

A material created by University of California, Riverside engineers is the key component of a swimsuit that won an international design competition for its ability to clean water as a person swims.

EU lawmakers reject GM crop compromise

EU lawmakers on Tuesday rejected a hard-won compromise which allows member states to decide for themselves whether or not to import Genetically Modified Organisms for use in food and animal feed.

Closer view of the brain
Breast cancer drug beats superbug

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Billions of juvenile fish under the Arctic sea ice

Using a new net, marine biologists from the Alfred Wegener Institute have, for the first time, been able to catch polar cod directly beneath the Arctic sea ice with a trawl, allowing them to determine their large-scale distribution ...

Woodside taps IBM's supercomputer to bolster operations

Woodside Petroleum is hoping to maximise efficiency and cut down on unnecessary costs by utilising IBM's gameshow-winning Watson cognitive computer system as the oil and gas industry battles uncertainty from the prolonged ...

Sight set on tracking threatened species

Ever wanted to track a rock wallaby in the rugged Australian bush or watch an orangutan swing past you in the wild jungles of Borneo but without the dangers of being there?

Twitter sidelines sports highlight accounts

Twitter sidelined a pair of popular sports publication accounts after fielding complaints they ran afoul of copyright rules for sharing video snippets from US football games.

Tulane researchers working on new tuberculosis vaccine
Listeria can grow on unrefrigerated caramel apples
Stage 0 breast cancer: When should you wait and see?
Armed malaria protein found to kill cancer cells

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