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Rare evolutionary event detected in the lab

It took nearly a half trillion tries before researchers at The University of Texas at Austin witnessed a rare event and perhaps solved an evolutionary puzzle about how introns, non-coding sequences of DNA located within genes, ...

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Webinar on Modeling Polymers and Other Nonlinear Materials

See how experts use COMSOL Multiphysics software to analyze nonlinear materials with this free webinar featuring a live demo and Q&A session.

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Facebook makes changes to avoid political bias

Facebook on Monday said it was making changes aimed at keeping political bias out of its "trending" stories list even though an internal investigation revealed no evidence it was happening.

Smaller cities across US opening high-tech crime centers

Live video feeds from cameras across Hartford, Connecticut, light up a wall of flat-screen monitors in a high-tech room at the city's old police department, while computers take in data from license plate readers and a gunshot ...

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Can legumes solve environmental issues?

It's a win-win situation for the environment and the economy when it comes to introducing legumes into agricultural systems, says new research published in Frontiers in Plant Science, carried out by an international team ...

Attosecond physics: A switch for light-wave electronics

Light waves could in principle be used to drive future transistors. Since the electromagnetic waves of light oscillate approximately one million times in a billionth of a second, i.e. at petahertz (PHz) frequencies, optoelectronic ...

Europe grows Galileo sat-nav system

Europe's Galileo sat-nav system, a rival to America's GPS, should move closer to operation with the launch Tuesday of a fresh pair of satellites to join a dozen already in space.

Brazil confirms mosquito as Zika vector
Glowing tumors light a path to cancer treatment
Some sun protection behaviors up with history of NMSC

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