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Smarter brains are blood-thirsty brains

A University of Adelaide-led project has overturned the theory that the evolution of human intelligence was simply related to the size of the brain—but rather linked more closely to the supply of blood to the brain.

date6 hours ago in Evolution
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The rise and fall of galaxy formation

An international team of astronomers, including Carnegie's Eric Persson, has charted the rise and fall of galaxies over 90 percent of cosmic history. Their work, which includes some of the most sensitive astronomical measurements ...

date13 hours ago in Astronomy
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Defend or grow? These plants do both

From natural ecosystems to farmers' fields, plants face a dilemma of energy use: outgrow and outcompete their neighbors for light, or defend themselves against insects and disease.

date13 hours ago in Biotechnology
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Variation in 'junk' DNA leads to trouble

All humans are 99.9 percent identical, genetically speaking. But that tiny 0.1 percent variation has big consequences, influencing the color of your eyes, the span of your hips, your risk of getting sick and in some ways ...

date13 hours ago in Genetics
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Live Webinar: New Structural Mechanics Features in COMSOL Multiphysics

Learn about the latest functionality for structural mechanics modeling in COMSOL Multiphysics during this free webinar featuring a live demo and Q&A session.

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Millions at risk from rising water pollution: UN

Increasingly polluted rivers in Africa, Asia and Latin America pose a disease risk to more than 300 million people and threaten fisheries and farming in many countries, a UN report warned Tuesday.

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