Space Exploration

New images reveal fine threads of million-degree plasma woven throughout the Sun's atmosphere

Researchers at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) unveil highest-ever resolution images of the Sun from NASA's solar sounding rocket mission

Condensed Matter

Ordering of atoms in liquid gallium under pressure

Liquid metals and alloys have exceptional properties that make them suitable for electrical energy storage and generation applications.

Astronomers measure wind speed on a brown dwarf

Astronomers have used the National Science Foundation's Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) and NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope to make the first measurement of wind speed on a brown dwarf—an object intermediate in mass ...

Researchers develop one-way street for electrons

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill made a one-way street for electrons that may unlock the ability for devices to process ultra-high-speed wireless data and simultaneously harvest energy for power. ...

Rethinking biosecurity governance

Perhaps the most important lesson we can learn from the current coronavirus pandemic is how to learn future lessons without having to experience a pandemic, whether natural in origin or made by humans. To do so, we need to ...

New study finds EPA mercury analysis is 'seriously flawed'

A new study by experts from prominent academic institutions finds that an EPA cost-benefit analysis of its Mercury and Air Toxics Standards is "seriously flawed." The authors assert that the analysis disregards public health ...

Mathematical model predicts patient outcomes to adaptive therapy

Prostate cancer is the most common malignancy among men in the United States. It is also the second most common cause of cancer-related deaths. Despite improved treatments for prostate cancer, many patients with advanced ...

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Medical Xpress

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes
Report looks at hospital experiences with COVID-19
Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes
Global coronavirus death toll passes 90,000

Tech Xplore

Research sheds light on how silver ions kill bacteria

The antimicrobial properties of silver have been known for centuries. While it is still a mystery as to exactly how silver kills bacteria, University of Arkansas researchers have taken a step toward better understanding the ...

X-ray vision through the water window

Physicists at ETH Zurich have developed the first high-repetition-rate laser source that produces coherent soft X-rays spanning the entire "water window." That technological breakthrough could enable a broad range of studies ...

High-throughput discovery of 2-D magnets

2-D materials are atomically thin, single-layered films arranged in a crystal structure, which have potential applications in next-generation electronics and optoelectronic devices. Ferromagnetism (FM) in such materials ‒ ...

Astronauts leave virus-plagued planet for space station

Three astronauts flew to the International Space Station on Thursday, departing the virus-plagued planet with little fanfare and no family members at the launch site to bid them farewell.

Coronavirus forces new approaches to fighting wildfires

They are two disasters that require opposite responses: To save lives and reduce the spread of COVID-19, people are being told to remain isolated. But in a wildfire, thousands of firefighters must work in close quarters for ...

New coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) mapped out

Jean and Peter Medawar wrote in 1977 that a virus is "simply a piece of bad news wrapped up in proteins." The 'bad news' in the SARS-CoV-2 case is the new coronavirus carries its mysterious genome in the form of a very long ...

Lockdown lessons from the history of solitude

When the poet John Donne was struck down by a sudden infection in 1623 he immediately found himself alone—even his doctors deserted him. The experience, which only lasted a week, was intolerable. He later wrote: "As sickness ...