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Unearthing the mystery of the meaning of Easter Island's Moai

Rapa Nui (or Easter Island, as it is commonly known) is home to the enigmatic Moai, stone monoliths that have stood watch over the island landscape for hundreds of years. Their existence is a marvel of human ingenuity—and ...

Knowledge-sharing: A how-to guide

How is knowledge exchanged and shared when interdisciplinary research teams work together? Professor Margarete Boos and Lianghao Dai from the University of Göttingen have investigated this by studying several different research ...

Research proves effects of company mergers on prices

Assistant Professor Umut Güler of Koç University College of Administrative Sciences and Economics and his colleagues (Kanishka Misra, Rady School of Management, University of California, San Diego and Vishal Singh, Stern ...

Best of Last Year: The top articles of 2019

It was a great year for research of all kinds as a team of astronomers from around the globe delivered the first photo of a black hole. Over several days in April 2017, eight radio telescopes in Hawaii, Arizona, Spain, Mexico, ...

World's oldest artwork uncovered in Indonesian cave: study

An Indonesian cave painting that depicts a prehistoric hunting scene could be the world's oldest figurative artwork dating back nearly 44,000 years, a discovery that points to an advanced artistic culture, according to new ...

The mathematics of prey detection in spider orb-webs

Spider webs are one of nature's most fascinating manifestations. Many spiders extrude proteinaceous silk to weave sticky webs that ensnare unsuspecting prey who venture into their threads. Despite their elasticity, these ...

Achieving optimal collaboration when goals conflict

New research suggests that, when two people must work together on a physical task despite conflicting goals, the amount of information available about each other's actions influences how quickly and optimally they learn to ...

Scandinavians' little linguistic hat trick

Linguist Dave Kush at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology's Department of Language and Literature has been studying a phenomenon in which Norwegian, Swedish and Danish stand out.

Here's what police know about digital evidence

In today's criminal justice system, a Play Station and iPhone are just as important pieces of evidence as eyewitness accounts. Yet, there isn't a strong understanding as to how police officers identify digital evidence—everything ...

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How does our Milky Way galaxy get its spiral form?
Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon up by more than double: data
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Savannah monitor lizards have a unique airflow pattern that is a hybrid of bird and mammal flow patterns
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One of Europe's worst famines likely caused by devastating floods
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Protein injections in medicine
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Sustainable sand pulls pollutants from stormwater