Lockdown lessons from the history of solitude

When the poet John Donne was struck down by a sudden infection in 1623 he immediately found himself alone—even his doctors deserted him. The experience, which only lasted a week, was intolerable. He later wrote: "As sickness ...

COVID-19 to push a half-billion people into poverty

The economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic could increase global poverty by as much as half a billion people or eight percent of the world's population—according to new research.

How Africa has developed its scientific research capabilities

Africa's preparedness for containing the spread of COVID-19 is determined by several factors. So far the focus has been on Africa's weak health systems. But the region's growing scientific competence in virology, genomics ...

Influencers important in coronavirus communication

How can you get people to follow to government recommendations and advice in times of COVID-19? Use the power of influencers, argues Assistant Professor Jonas Colliander.

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