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Lasers enable engineers to weld ceramics, no furnace required

Smartphones that don't scratch or shatter. Metal-free pacemakers. Electronics for space and other harsh environments. These could all be made possible thanks to a new ceramic welding technology developed by a team of engineers ...

Intel: Hot Chips event details AI-strength processors

Tech watchers this week got an earful of impressive AI accelerator work at Intel, namely revelations at the Hot Chips 2019 event, where Intel presented details of its Nervana neural network processors, (1) NNP-T for training ...

Life-like robots soon to be reality

Life-like robots that can make decisions, adapt to their environment and learn, are one step closer thanks to a University of Bristol team who has demonstrated a new way of embedding computation into soft robotic materials. ...

A how-to guide for small businesses navigating 'the cloud'

Imagine a small business develops vehicle parts for a large automotive manufacturer located hundreds of miles away. For efficiency, both businesses utilize "the cloud" to transmit the large amounts of design data—such as ...

Leather wallets, loose change pose danger for new Apple Card

Apple tried to make the new Apple-branded credit card attractive, copying the heft and sleekness of higher-end cards like the Chase Sapphire. But cardholders are discovering that with such a design, they'll have to give it ...

How to have an all-renewable electric grid

The main solution to climate change is well known—stop burning fossil fuels. How to do this is more complicated, but as a scholar who does energy modeling, I and others see the outlines of a post-fossil-fuel future: We ...

A smart electric scooter to improve urban mobility

Startups racing to deploy rentable electric scooters around the world seem to be following Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's famous motto for disruption: Move fast and break things. Unfortunately for those startups, the things ...

The future of continuously rechargable batteries

University of Canterbury (UC) Associate Professor Aaron Marshall thinks so and is developing redox flow batteries as a viable energy storage system that will never wear.

Austria telecoms provider accepts cryptocurrency

Austria's leading telecoms provider A1 sid Thursday that it was letting customers pay in cryptocurrency under a pilot project to test the popularity of virtual payments.

Qantas to test 'ultra long-haul' Sydney to NY, London flights

Qantas on Thursday said it will run "ultra long-haul" test flights in the coming months from New York and London to Sydney in order to assess the health of pilots and passengers, as it eyes commercial services on the marathon ...

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