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A smart car that can read brain signals

EPFL and Nissan researchers are able to read a driver's brain signals and send them to a smart vehicle so that it can anticipate the driver's moves and facilitate the driving process. Nissan recently unveiled this brain-to-vehicle ...

The LSEV: 3-D printing for automobiles on a bolder scale

Are you ready for a future car-buying option of picking out a 3-D printed, cozy, inexpensive automobile? The day is not far, considering the recent announcement by an Italy-based company along with a company based in China.

Uber self-driving crash calls safety, rules into question

Video of a fatal pedestrian crash involving a self-driving Uber vehicle that some experts say exposes flaws in autonomous vehicle technology is prompting calls to slow down testing on public roads and renewing concerns about ...

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A switch in ocean circulation that helped end the Ice Age
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Swirling liquids work similarly to bitcoin
California to 'whipsaw' between drought, floods: study
Climate change intensifies droughts in Europe

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